Squish 16 (RRP £260) with helmet and lock (RRP £75)

Squish 16 (RRP £260) with helmet and lock (RRP £75)

The Squish 16 weighs just 6.3kg and suits a child aged around 4-6 years old with an inside leg between 48 and 55cm.  The bike is constructed with a lightweight alloy frame and fork. There is a fully enclosed chainguard for safety.

Try this bike for £15 a month including a helmet plus gold rated U lock any other accessories you choose to add. 

What happens at the end of your month trial:

  • Loving the bike - buy at a discounted price or pay it off over 12 months. Either way your monthly fee will be refunded.
  • Undecided - book another month trial. You can have up to three months trial fees refunded if you buy.
  • Not for you - just book a collection.

RECYCLE - give us your child's old bike when we drop this new one and we will deduct 10% off the sales price (in addition to any other discounts or payment plans). Save some money and create affordable bike stock for others in your community.