Ridgeback Electron +

Ridgeback Electron +

Using Shimano's all new E5000 system, the Electron Plus incorporates everything you want from an e-bike. Quick charge times, seamless integration, powerful assistance and a virtually silent ride. -Shimano STEPS E-5000 36v 40nm 250w drive unit. -Shimano BT-E6000 418wh battery. -Range of up to 125km depending on riding conditions. - Full charge time of 6.5 hours. Built in lights, puncture proof tyres, rack for bags - it's time to ditch the car!

This can be yours for less than £50 a month including accessories. Order your bike and accessories and when you go to checkout it will tell you how many payments you will make to actually own the goods. Remember if cycling is not for you we come and collect the bike and there is nothing more to pay. With our help though we think you'll soon discover the joys of cycling!

Please note helmets and gloves are carried by our delivery team and can be purchased outright upon delivery of your bike


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