Warranties, Bits and Tips

  • Warranties

    If you have purchased your bike it is important you read and follow the instructions on the relevant warranty link below. Take a look even if you are still trialing your bike as there are useful tips on how to get the most from your bike.

  • Safe Cycling

    • Whether a total beginner or regular commuter we recommend cycle training to keep you safe on your bike. You can book a cycle skills session with your local council or use their online course to get some safety tips. Click here for more details -  Cycling Skills.
    • Why not hook up with a more experienced cyclist if you want some help getting familiar with your commute or just to go on a recreational ride with someone - Bike Buddies.
  • Security

    • Use the D-Lock on your frame, not just the wheels. If you have a cable lock this is only for the wheels
    • Keep your bike indoors overnight if you can (insurance will often insist on this)
    • If you leave your bike in a secure unit, e.g. work bike storage, make sure you still lock it with your D-Lock to an immovable object
    • Never leave your bike unattended and unlocked even for a few seconds - remember bikes are also a great getaway vehicle
    • Do not leave the bike overnight somewhere, e.g. outside a station
    • Bike security advice video
  • Cycling and bike maintenance for beginners

    If in doubt ask a mechanic!

  • Insurance

    • We have teamed up with LAKA for their community cycling insurance scheme
    • Flexible insurance - cancel anytime after a month
    • No excess fees
    • Limit on how much you pay and if community claims are down you actually pay less!
    • If you do not have insurance we recommend you get cover here - LAKA
  • Cargo bikes

  • Electric Bikes

    • If you are new to electric bikes practice off road first just to get used to the 'kick' from the motor. It is not much different to a standard bike but it is good to feel completely confident before riding on the road
    • We do not enter the helmet debate but given the extra power and often the novelty factor of e-bikes we would recommend wearing a helmet
    • Remove the battery when your bike is parked as an extra deterrent to bike thieves
    • Charging - be careful when attaching the cable to the battery. There will be a technique to it so go slowly and carefully and check with us if in doubt. Never slam your battery in as this could break the pins which are often quite delicate.
    • Some e-bikes require the button on the battery to be turned on before the panel will work or they will have a sleep function which will require the battery to be turned on before the panel can work
    • Video - How to ride your electric bike safely
    • Ridgeback battery life
  • Cycle to Work Scheme

    We accept the following Cycle to Work schemes. Please click on the link to see how they work: