Peddle My Wheels (PMW) Terms and Conditions for Bike Markets


Please take the time to read these and email if you are not clear about any part of them. We have tried to keep them short so you can read them.

  1. Sellers
  2. Buyers
  3. Privacy Policy


1. Sellers

(a) Photo I.D. - all Sellers must show photo I.D. upon request before PMW will accept a bike to sell.

(b) PMW will immediately report any bicycle and the Seller to the police if its ownership is questioned by a person claiming the bike as their own. The bicycle will remain with PMW until the matter is resolved by the police.

(c) Pricing – if the Seller does not specify a price we will sell the bike at a suitable price for the specific bike.

(d) We will endeavour to sell at the intended price unless we are notified otherwise by email. If the Seller disagrees with price they must notify us by email/electronic message.

(e) Fees - upon sale of the bike, PMW will keep the agreed percentage of sale price (normally 25%) if there is any due + any repair costs agreed and the Seller receives the remainder of the sales proceeds.

(f) Payments are made electronically on the first Monday of the week (Tuesday one Bank Holiday Mondays).

(g) Unsold Bikes – we hold bikes indefinitely. The owner is entitled to collect at any time but if repairs have been undertaken, PMW must be compensated for the cost of these.


 2. Buyers

(a) Used Bicycles

(i) All used bicycles are sold as seen.

(ii) PMW will give all the bikes for sale a basic service but this is not a guarantee of the bike’s reliability.

(iii) Further details on PMW terms for buying a bike can be found on the PMW website:


3. How we may use your personal information

We will only use your personal information as set out in our Privacy Policy.