Peddle My Wheels (PMW) Terms and Conditions for Try Before You Bike 

Please take the time to read these and email if you are not clear about any part of them. We have kept them as short as possible so please read them for your own protection. 

  1. The Try Before You Bike agreement
  2. Customer
  3. Bicycle delivery and cycle training
  4. Payment
  5. Non-payment
  6. Cancellation
  7. Damages or theft
  8. Ownership
  9. Maintenance
  10. Personal damages or injury
  11. PMW responsibility
  12. GDPR 


  1. The Try Before You Bike Agreement 

(a) This is entered into on the website and will become binding once the customer agrees the direct debit form. 

(b) The agreement is a rolling contract that continues until either the customer cancels the contract, in which case it is ended at the end of that same month, or, when the total amount due for the goods have been fully paid off and the goods come under the ownership of the customer. 

(c) Bicycle and accessories cover all items ordered through the website and will sometimes be referred to as ‘goods’ for the purpose of these terms.

  1. Customer 

(a) The customer must be over 18 and hold a UK bank account. If the bike is for a minor then it must be guaranteed by a person over 18 years of age with a UK bank account. 

(b) The customer must live, work or study in an approved borough. Proof of address/work/study will be required when booking the bike. The bike must be delivered to an address within that borough. 

(c) The customer can use their name to book a bicycle for a minor (under 18 years old) in addition to an adult bicycle. 

  1. Bicycle delivery and cycle training 

(a) The Customer must be able to take part in a 2-hour cycle training session after delivery of the bike. This is non-chargeable but is a condition of receiving the goods. 

(b) The goods will be delivered to the customer’s home/work/study address at an agreed date and time and this address must be within a London borough though not necessarily the qualifying borough. 

(c) The customer must be present to take delivery. 

(d) A helmet and lights must be included with all deliveries and we cannot accept cancellation of these items as it would be a breach of our liability insurance. 

  1. Payment 

Payments will be made by Direct Debit on a monthly basis at the agreed amount that was confirmed through the website. 

  1. Non-payment 

(a) Failure to make a payment that is due will result in a demand for the return of the bicycle and PMW representatives will collect the bicycle and any accessories. 

(b) If PMW are unable to collect the bicycle and accessories as per 5.(a) then legal action will be taken to claim the total cost of the bicycle and accessories. Any legal costs and additional charges and interest will be included in any such claim. 

  1. Cancellation 

(a) If the customer chooses to cancel during the hire period they can do this via the ‘Cancel Order’ tab of their online account they hold with PMW and arrange the collection date and time for the bike. The collection date must be before the next payment is due. 

(b) Once PMW has collected the bike no further payments are due by the customer unless the goods are not in a satisfactory condition or accessories are not returned. 

(c) PMW will collect the goods from the customer and this must be at an address within a London borough though not necessarily the qualifying borough. 

(d) Returned goods should be in full working order. Any repair work required for issues beyond what would be considered ‘reasonable wear’ will be charged at market prices. 

(e) ‘Reasonable wear’ - no damage to any part of bike but small marks, scratches will be acceptable. Any parts that require replacing will be charged at market value. 

(f) The direct debit will be cancelled within 24 hours of the bike being cancelled via the online account. 

(g) Peddle My Wheels reserve the right to cancel any order if the Customer breaches the contract. 

  1. Damages or theft

(a) The customer is responsible for the goods and will be liable for the cost of repairing any damage to the goods. 

(b) The customer should carry out basic maintenance through the terms of their contract which would include keeping tyres inflated, not leaving the bicycle outside in the rain for prolonged periods 

(c) Theft - the goods are the customer’s responsibility and stolen or lost bicycles will result in the customer having to pay the full amount for the bicycle and accessories less any monthly payments that have been made to date. If your bike is stolen, you need to contact the police immediately to obtain a crime reference number. You should then contact us as soon as possible with the details. 

(d) Customers can join the Peddle My Wheels group insurance policy for a monthly fee. This will give them theft, accident and personal liability cover. Peddle My Wheels do not profit from customers joining the group insurance policy. A small fee is charged to cover the admin costs.

  1. Ownership 

The goods are under the ownership of Peddle My Wheels until the customer has paid the full amount due for the goods as agreed when ordering the goods through the website. At this point ownership will be passed to the customer. 

  1. Maintenance 

(a) A maintenance contract is available for all Try Before You Bike participants. The contract allows unlimited call-outs and the only additional charge to the monthly fee will be for any parts used. 

(b) The monthly contract will run continually until it has been terminated by the customer in accordance with 6 a) of these terms and conditions. 

(c) The cost of the maintenance contract may change during its existence. The customer will be notified before being charged and have the choice to continue or cancel. 

  1. Personal damages or injury 

(a) The customer will be expected to act in a responsible way when using the goods. If minors are using the goods the guarantor (signatory on the Direct Debit) will be responsible for their supervision. 

(b) PMW are not responsible for any injury or damage caused by use of a bicycle hired or bought from them. All bicycles are checked by qualified mechanics before they go to customers but once they leave our workshop we are unable to guarantee that damages cannot occur. 

  1. PMW’s responsibilities 

(a) To deliver the correct sized, working bicycle and any accessories as ordered. 

(b) To assist the customer with cycle related queries. 

(c) To ensure a professional cycle training session has taken place. 

(d) To collect and keep records of all payments from the customer. 

(e) To adhere to any cancellation process triggered by the customer and collect the bicycle 

and accessories in accordance with clause 6. 

(f) To pass over ownership to the customer upon payment at an agreed price for the goods. 

  1. GDPR 

Your data is held on a secure server. Your data will be shared with Transport for London, your local authority and the training company who provide the cycle training for that local authority. They cannot share this information with any third parties.