Community Influencers

    • Are you interested in trying out cycling but need some help with equipment, training and maintenance
    • Could you inspire others in your community to try out cycling too
    • Our Community Influencers are given a free bike as well as lights, lock, helmet, training and free maintenance and insurance
    • One of our qualified cycle instructors will help you learn to cycle confidently and get the most from the bike
    • In return we need you to provide us with monthly feedback, photos and videos of your cycling adventures which will form part of a council campaign to promote cycling
    • The bike comes with a tracker so we can see how often you use the bike and what areas of the borough you like to cycle in
    • You will also join us at council events to inspire others from their community to try cycling and, if you have an account, post about your experiences on social media
    • This is a 12-month programme and if successfully completed the bike is donated to you at the end of the year
    • If you want a cleaner, greener, healthier borough help us get your community to try out cycling and follow your example

The scheme is currently available to residents of:

  • London Borough of Brent (Church End and Roundwood and Kingsbury areas only) - deadline for applications 18th June.
  • London Borough of Lambeth (now closed as fully subscribed)

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