Social Prescribing

Social prescribers: set up a program

We run a number of social prescribing programs that are funded by local authorities and NHS groups. The programs are fully managed by us and include the following:

      • One-to-one and group sessions available
      • We supply bikes and all equipment needed for session
      • Qualified cycle instructors deliver the sessions
      • Insurance cover included
      • Options to hire or purchase the bike after the program is finished
      • Additional post program support including links to group rides, bike buddies and route planning
      • Monthly report to prescriber
      • Make an enquiry about setting up a program

Clients: take part in a program

  • First of all you will need to be given a coupon code from your prescriber or they will put you in contact with us to arrange for you to take part in group cycle training sessions to get your started
  • If you have been given a coupon code for a free bike trial and cycle training session go to the Try Before You Bike page and follow the instructions for ordering the bike. When you are at the cart stage enter your code and this will make sure no money is taken during the trial period