Bits and Tips

  • Cycle to Work Scheme

    We accept the following Cycle to Work schemes. Please click on the link to see how they work:


  • Cycling and bike maintenance for beginners

    These are just a few general tips but we would recommend using one of our partners for work on your bike and getting your bike serviced every six months.

  • Safe Cycling and Learning to Ride

    Whether a total beginner or regular commuter we recommend cycle training to keep you safe on your bike.

    • You can book a cycle skills session with your local council or use their online course to get some safety tips.Click here for more details - Cycling Skills
    • Why not hook up with a more experienced cyclist if you want some help getting familiar with your commute or just to go on a recreational ride with someone - Bike Buddies
    • Learning to cycle - how to teach your kids to cycle without stabilisers
  • Battery charging risk and safety tips

    • Government advice
    • Charging must be done indoors or under a pent roof, as the charger is only splashproof
    • Preferably at a temperature of 18-20°
    • You can either leave the battery on the bicycle or remove it for charging
    • Battery must not be left unattended (e.g. charging at night out of office hours)
    • To prevent overheating, the battery must not be charged for more than four hours at one time
    • Unplug the charger after use
    • Never use a different charger to the one supplied
  • Family and cargo bikes

  • Insurance

    We have teamed up with LAKA

    • 30 days FREE cover
    • Flexible insurance - cancel anytime after a month
    • No excess fees
    • Limit on how much you pay and if claims are down you actually pay less!
    • If you do not have insurance we recommend you get cover here - LAKA
  • Security

    • Use the D-Lock on your frame, not just the wheels
    • If you have a cable lock this is only for the wheels, please don't use it to lock the bike by using the D-lock as a padlock - this is one of the most common errors that leads to theft
    • Keep your bike indoors overnight if you can. Most insurers will insist on this although our partner, Laka, allows outside overnight storage but the bike must always be locked to an immovable object and not left for more than 24 hours
    • If you leave your bike in a secure unit, e.g. work bike storage, make sure you still lock it with your D-Lock to an immovable object
    • Never leave your bike unattended and unlocked even for a few seconds - remember bikes are also a great getaway vehicle
    • Do not leave the bike overnight somewhere where thieves will know you will not be able to see it, e.g. outside a station
    • Bike security advice video
  • Warranties & Manuals

    New bikes will be covered in accordance with the supplier warranties below. Nearly new and pre-loved bikes are not covered by supplier warranty, however we will cover nearly new bikes for 12 months and pre-loved bikes for 3 months. This excludes general wear and tear. Manuals and warranty details below:

  • Route Guidance

    Finding the route when cycling makes a huge difference to your experience. Here are some tips on how to do this:

    • Use a phone holder. We recommend something simple like this: Decathlon
    • Download a route planning app. We love City Mapper. When you opt for the cycling mode it gives you three route choices: Quiet, Medium and Fast. 'Quiet' will find the best cycling routes using cycle lanes, quietways, LTNs, parks, canal paths etc. One tip, if riding in the dark and alone we suggest you consider a more direct, less isolated route by selecting Medium or Fast
    • Other mapping services include Google maps which from 2023 will be improving its cycle routes
    • Tips: don't use a route guidance tool to 'beat your time' on your journey - it's not a race!
    • Tips: you do not have to use a phone holder. Instead you can have the sound on and use ear buds to listen to the route instead. The important point is that whichever method you use your primary focus needs to be on the road not on the phone or sounds from it