Try Before You Bike Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What help cycling do I receive with the bike?

A. Everyone who gets a bike through the scheme receives at least one free cycle skills session form a qualified cycle instructor. This takes two hours can can consist of anything from cycling around a park to your commute to work depending on your experience and confidence on the bike. The session takes with delivery of the bike and if you wish to book and other free session for the future you can. 

Q. Can anyone order a bike?
A. No you must live, work or study in the Borough that the scheme is active in. Proof will be need to be shown upon delivery of the bike from one of the following documents - council tax bill, tenancy agreement, enrolment papers, employee contract.
Q. Are the bikes new or second-hand?
A. New or nearly new. When you are choosing you can use the filters to see only new or only nearly new bikes (the nearly new come in slightly cheaper).
Q. How many bikes can I order?
A. There is a policy of two adult bikes and two kids bikes per person.
Q. How does the scheme differ with kids bikes? 
A.  It is the same in all aspects apart from when you have finished with the kids bike. If you purchase the next size bike through us we will collect the old bike and sell it on your behalf at one of our second hand bike markets. There is normally a collection charge and 25% commission to pay but these costs are wavered and you will receive all the sales proceeds once the bike is sold.
Q. Can I swap bikes for another model and just continue with the monthly payments? 
A. No. You must cancel one order and start a completely new order for the next bike you want.
Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?
A. No you just pay the monthly fee until you either own the bike or you tell us you no longer want the bike and we collect it.
Q. Is any interest charged on the monthly payment plan?
A. No.
Q. What do I do if I no longer want the bike?
A. Just send us a message from your online account that is set up when you receive the bike and we cancel the DD and collect the bike and that is the end of the contract.
Q. What happens if the bike is stolen or damaged?
A. You are liable for the value of the bike less any monies you have paid to date. We do offer theft and accident cover which covers this. If you take this out a replacement bike will be delivered in the event or theft or damage (as long as all conditions of policy have been met) and you will simply continue paying monthly from where you left off. The policy ends when either you give the bike back or buy the bike.
Q. Do you help with any minor problems with the bike?
We offer a maintenance package which, if taken out, means you can call us out and we come and repair your bike at your convenience.
Q. What happens when I make the final payment for the bike?
A. You receive confirmation that the bike is now yours and that the dd has ended.
Q. How will you help me get used to cycling regularly?
A. Upon delivery of the bike we will assess your needs and create a bespoke program that will address these. Working with the local cycle training provider we will make sure you are fully supported and are able to overcome any difficulties you have with cycling. We also provide a cycling mentor who you can contact at any time and who will regularly check in to see how you are progressing.
Q. Why can one only take part in certain boroughs?
A. Because the councils for those boroughs have supported us in the scheme. We need council support to set up the scheme in a borough.