Try Before you Bike FAQ

  • Q. How long can I keep my bike?

A. You are on a monthly subscription plan that can be cancelled any time after a month.

  • Q. I have a coupon code for a free trial, how do I use it?

A. Select your bike up to the monthly value of your coupon (you cannot go over so be careful if adding accessories). When you reach the 'cart' stage enter your coupon code details and the system will freeze your direct debit for the period of your free trial. Be aware that once the free trial is over you start paying so you might want to decide to return the bike or purchase it before that date.

  • Q. Do I need insurance?

A. Yes. You are liable for the bike and you are required to take out monthly insurance with our partners LAKA or any other insurance provider. LAKA insurance is free the first 30 days.

  • Q. Can I buy the bike and accessories?

A. Yes. The bike can be purchased at the price advertised less your hire fees (to a maximum of six months). There are three ways to buy - one off payment with additional discount, 12 month interest-free plan or via a cycle to work scheme.

  • Q. Which Cycle to Work schemes do you accept?

A. We currently accept a number of Cycle to Work schemes. Just check our Bits and Tips page for details.

  • Q. Can I buy a bike without accessories?

A. No, the accessories that come with the bike are part of the package. 

  • Q. Do you help with any maintenance problems with the bike?

A. If there is a warranty issue it is our responsibility but otherwise it is your responsibility to get the bike repaired if something goes wrong.

  •  Q. Do you help if I am not confident on the bike?

A. Yes definitely! The main point of the scheme is to get people cycling who, for whatever reason, have not yet started. That is why our delivery staff are all trained in cycle skills and basic bike maintenance. We will give you a free introductory or full training session upon delivery of the bike, depending on the borough you live in. We can also direct you to additional free training and support through your council.

  •  Q. Am I committing to buy the bike when I sign up to the scheme and will there be penalty fees if I cancel?

A. No commitment to buying, no additional fees, no penalties for not buying.

  • Q. Can anyone order a bike?

A. No you must live, work or study in the borough that the scheme is active in. Proof will be needed to be shown upon delivery of the bike from one of the following documents - council tax bill, tenancy agreement, enrolment papers, employee contract plus photo ID.

  •  Q. Can the bike be delivered or collected anywhere?

A. The bike can be delivered and collected, to and from any London borough, not necessarily your qualifying borough. The rule is you can only order a bike if you live, work or study in a qualifying London borough.

  •  Q. Does my one month bike subscription start when I order the bike?

A. No, the month starts from when the bike is delivered so you always get a full month's use of the bike. However, we do have to take payment before you receive the bike.

  • Q. When does my bike subscription end?

A. It ends when you either purchase the bike or when the bike is collected. It is advisable to book a collection 2-3 weeks in advance of when you want it collected as collection slots can get booked up.

  •  Q. Are the bikes new?

A. New, nearly new or pre-loved - you choose. When you are selecting your bike use the filters to see new, nearly new or pre-loved bikes. Nearly new bikes and pre-loved bikes will be cheaper should you wish to purchase the bike.

  •  Q. What condition does my bike have to be in when returned and do I need to also return the accessories?

A. If there is any damage that costs us to repair it you will be charged for parts but if there is some wear and tear appropriate for the use there is no charge for this. All accessories must be returned with the bike including keys for locks and battery if you have an e-bike.

  •  Q. How many bikes can I order?

A. Two adult bikes and two kids bikes per household (contact us if more bikes are required).

  •  Q. Can I swap bikes for another model? 

A. No. You need to cancel your existing order and start a fresh order if you want a different bike.

  •  Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?

A. No.

  •  Q. Why can one only take part in certain boroughs?

A. It's supported by local councils, so is only available in the areas where this has been funded.