Inspiring Adventures in Children's Cycling Books

Inspiring Adventures in Children
Published: 07-Mar-2024
Article By: Merissa Lam

On World Book Day today, we are exploring children's books centered around cycling.

The world of children's literature is teeming with enchanting tales that not only capture young imaginations but also inspire them to embark on exciting adventures. Cycling, with its blend of freedom and exploration, has been a recurring theme in numerous children's books. 

In this blog post, let's take a delightful ride through the pages of some of our favourite children's books that celebrate the joy of cycling.

1.  How to teach a little MONSTER to ride a bike

Teaching a child to ride a bike is an incredible experience to be enjoyed by all however, so many struggle with the basics. This is a short story for both adults and children to enjoy, all about a little girl whose only wish is to learn to ride her wonderful bike. Following yet another failed attempt and an argument with her grumpy step-dad, Peggy, our hero, discovers a new friend and together they set out to master two wheels.This story is about friendships and discovering the joys that learning to ride a bike can bring. A step-by-step guide to help anyone successfully ride a bike for the first time!

2. Cycle City

When little Etta the Elephant goes to her Aunt Ellen's house, she takes a journey through bicycle-filled Cycle City, a town filled with bikes of all kinds! At the end of the day, a special surprise awaits Etta—the most amazing bicycle parade imaginable. Detail-rich illustrations in this fun seek-and-find book paint the colors of this unusual town where everyone rides some kind of bike—whether a penny-farthing, a two-wheeled unicycle, or a conference bike, everyone is on wheels! Packed with prompts and lots to see on every page, this is a sweet story for the sharpest of eyes.

3. Mrs Armitage on Wheels

Mrs Armitage sets off for a quiet cycle with her faithful dog, Breakspear, but she just can't help thinking of ways to improve her bicycle.Before long, she’s added three very loud horns, a bucket of water to wash her hands and a seat for Breakspear.But it’s when she finally adds the mast and sail, that Mrs Armitage really runs into trouble… Join her for a bike ride like no other.

Part of the iconic BBC animated series, Quentin Blake’s Box of Treasures.

4.  Tiny the cycling fox

Adults and young children who enjoy cycling and the outdoors will love Tiny’s inspirational story.The story captures the absolute joy of riding a bike. There are ups and downs along the way as the islanders unite to look for Tiny’s missing bike.Filled with positive messages, including:

  • Kindness and coming together to help others who are in need
  • Honesty, friendship and forgiveness
  • Being thankful and polite
  • Giving back, sharing skills and experiencing the warmth it brings

The use of bold and bright illustrations throughout draws in and ignites young imaginations.Written and illustrated by keen cyclists who are actively involved in the cycling world.

5.  Young Cyclist Companion

This book is aimed at young people who are already proficient cyclists and are keen to learn more. It explains all the basics: How to choose a bike (types of bike, getting the right fit), basic maintenance (changing a tire, cleaning your bike), cycling techniques (pedalling, gearing, cornering, bunny hops) and next level cycling (competitions and training).Alongside these informative texts there is a cornucopia of facts and trivia about the unusual habits of famous cyclists, the weirdest, biggest, furthest and longest bikes and journeys, the most useful cycling life-hacks, etc.

Children's books about cycling not only entertain but also instill important values and life lessons in young readers. From the joy of exploration to the importance of perseverance, these stories use the theme of cycling to inspire curiosity, courage, and a love for adventure. 

As you share these delightful books with the young readers in your life, you're not just opening the door to the world of literature but also encouraging a lifelong love for cycling and the valuable lessons it brings. 

Happy reading and happy pedalling!