Squish 20

Squish 20

The Squish 20 weighs 8.4kg and will suit a child aged around 6-8 years old with an inside leg between 53 and 61cm.  The bike is constructed with a lightweight alloy frame and fork. It has Shimano 7 speed gears.

This can be yours for less than £20 a month including accessories. Order your bike and accessories and when you go to checkout it will tell you how many payments you will make to actually own the goods.

If you end up buying this bike and then want to order the next bike size up when your child outgrows it, we will collect, service and sell the old one on your behalf free of charge.


  • Helmet

    Sized on delivery. Helmets cannot be returned. The value is £20, any outstanding amount will be due upon return of bike.

  • Kryptonite D Lock + cable lock

    Approved lock for insurance purposes - please add if you are taking out our cover.

  • Kids Cycle training

    One hour training session with bike delivery