School Events

Public bike markets are a great opportunity to pick up an affordable, serviced child or adult bike and/or to clear out outgrown and unwanted bicycles, earn a little money and in doing so create affordable bike stock for your community.


  • Bring some form of I.D. with you on the day
  • Bring your bike/s on the day between 8am and 9.30pm (please check times on individual times)
  • Complete the index card/s provided on the day with your personal details and add a sales price if you want to (remember the idea is to create affordable bike stock for your community). These are the details that go in to our system.
  • Your bike will get checked on the day and you will get an email with the price and any deductions needed for repairs
  • If you are not happy with the price or cost of repairs you must collect your bike by 4pm as we might be at the venue for one day only. We cannot return your bike once you have left it with us so please check your emails
  • The bike will probably not be sold on the day, unless we have time to service it, but you will receive an email after it sells at another market and 75% of the sales price less any repairs costs will be paid by bank transfer to you
  • Make sure you add your bank details to your Peddle My Wheels account so we can pay you when the bike sells
  • We do not accept plastic trikes or scooters
  • Please check our terms for your rights as a seller


  • The market is open from 3pm - 4.30pm (please check times on individual markets)
  • You cannot reserve bikes, we sell on a first come basis
  • You can pay by card or cash
  • Please check our terms for your rights as a buyer


Check the school bike market listings below